Digital violence is real
(La violencia digital es real) 

Visual Identity + Art Direction + Digital Design + Illustration

Conceptualization and development of the visual identity for a campaign about digital gender violence.

This project began as an effort to try to illustrate and narrate the events of an infamous gender violence case that occurred in Paraguay. Back in 2013, the student Belén W. of the Catholic University of Asunción accused her former professor, Mr. Kriskovich, of sexual harassment. Mr. Kriskovich responded to this with a defamation counteraccusation. A series of complicated events that followed lead to Belén becoming a legal refugee in Uruguay.

This case is a perfect example of the lack of access to justice in Paraguay when gender violence online takes place. So telling it properly was very important. 

Designing sensitive messages like these is always a bit of a challenge. One the most sensitive topics was how to decide to illustrate each character: the victim/survivor of the aggression, the aggressor itself, the justice system, and the medium, which in this case played a big role because we were trying to make a point about online violence being as harmful as offline violence.

The concept for the campaign was “The medium doesn't matter. What matters is the consent.” For a loud online campaign we went for really bright RGB colors to catch and demand attention from viewers.

Team: Tedic